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Proactive Mobile App Support

It's a mobile world out there. Make sure your mobile apps always keep your business connected and continually deliver great user experiences.

The “unforgiving” mobile user is notorious for being as quick to delete an app as they are to download it. Consider that 74% of apps are opened only once. Of these, 40% are deleted. Worse yet, if your app isn’t fully available to the user in under four seconds, chances are it’ll never be launched again. And that’s just for starters. If you haven’t been keeping your enterprise apps updated with each new OS release, they’re going to be prone to crashes. Which is a problem. Because app crashes are the number one reason a mobile app gets deleted.


Unlike traditional web or enterprise application support, support for mobile applications carries its own unique challenges. But fear not. We’d never leave you hanging following your company’s app-release. As part of our commitment to providing a great end-to-end customer experience, we also provide robust app support, tackling all the possible failure points, nuances, and complexities involved with supporting mobile apps. And naturally, we’re also happy to take-on any requests for enhancement.


The fact is, mobile possesses far more failure-points than typical enterprise web applications, including connectivity considerations, device and OS-specific issues. App behavior may be impacted by something as seemingly innocuous as user-settings and preferences or by external forces such as MDM/MAM policy revisions or by the expiration of an app certificate. Further, each app acts as a standalone installation and users may install updates inconsistently. To complicate matters, administrators can’t simply remote into user devices to view a problem. And while individual apps may crash, outages can happen for a whole host of reasons, including failures of integration-services, host-systems and data quality.
To face these complex challenges and make sure you continually deliver great experiences for your mobile users, we offer proactive mobile app support services that go above and beyond the typical help desk support services organizations and users are accustomed to, including:

  • Enhancement tracking and prioritization
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Tiered defect triage and resolution - Tier 1 Readiness, Tier 2 & 3 Support
  • Remote application upgrade and patch management
  • MDM / MAM administration
  • Management and validation of app store and in-app feedback
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 Let us help you tackle the challenges and deliver great user experiencies

Mobile Service Desk Details

Proactive App Management

In a world where so much support is passive, we offer Proactive App Management to monitor the availability and functionality of your enterprise mobile platform and apps. Further, we proactively monitor your mobile apps monitor your mobile apps analytics -- performance and usability. Avoid major disasters, including outages, by alerting IT the moment services go down.

Our Solution Delivery Center is fully-equiped to monitor your software performance, regardless of OS or browser. We even run tests on newly-released devices and upcoming beta OS releases so IT can estimate the risks and perform the necessary preventive measures.

Our mobile specialists and technicians brings decades of experience supporting various mobile technology platforms and devices. Whether we are talking about a mobile app developed in-house or by a third-party, our dedicated support team is ready to support, triage and resolve your mobile app issues.

Our Proactive App Management includes

  • Crash monitoring
  • User analytics (behavior patterns, abandonment)
  • Beta OS-update validations
  • App version updates (manual/forced)
  • Daily automated test scripts with results confirmation
  • App Store feedback monitoring (MDM/MAM/consumer)
  • New mobile device validation
  • User groups / Access management
  • Integration and backend system dependencies

Lastly, we’ll help you plan code updates and manage builds and deployments. Let us plan your monthly release sprints (including emergency releases to remedy high-impact issues) and regular triage meetings to review bugs and enhancements, change management, and code updates.


Our Support Systems & Technologies include

  • Freshdesk enterprise support platform
  • Dial-in live agent support
  • GitHub code repository and version control framework
  • In-App analytics and crash reporting
  • Proactive test automation
  • App store feedback monitoring (manual/automated)
  • Mobile device library for testing and bug identification

Governance & Operational Service Level Agreements

We are committed to providing leading-edge, best-practices tmobile app support to clients worldwide. Our governance and operational service level agreements (SLAs) and support includes defining operational thresholds, identifying backend dependencies and up-time/restoration commitments, managing enterprise outages.

We’ll handle your mobile app Service Level Agreements (including bug reporting, response times, and build-schedule oversight, plus automated workflows and notifications). We also provide analytics for key performance indicators (KPI), including ticket flow/type/severity, and SLA adherence. Plus, phasing and scheduling of enhancements.

Add automatic support desk onboarding for in-house developed mobile apps, and a standardized process for inherited apps and you’ve got a true Service Desk at the pace of mobile.

Ensure a Support Desk worthy of your best mobile efforts.

Your Mobile App Support & Ongoing Development starts here.

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