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Bring an app
idea to life

Scoping and Prototyping are critical elements of a mobile app strategy. Combining business need with a comprehensive implementation approach ensures success and helps identify potential issues early-on, letting you recalibrate before becoming too-heavily invested.




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What we do

You’ve got a killer app idea. Now it’s the time to make it fly.

Our Scoping and Prototype Kickstart will jump-start your app and provide clarity from inception to delivery. We keep the process quick and focused to avoid detours and save you time and money in the long run.

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Our Approach


1. Benchmarking & Requirements

We start by developing a thorough understanding of the app’s critical requirements: business drivers and market opportunities. Then we analyze the competitive landscape and explore user feedback to find innovative use cases beyond the typical enterprise scenarios.

2. Visualization, Roadmapping and Planning

We rank, prioritize, and phase the required app capabilities by business value and organizational readiness, providing a clear understanding of the app’s features and each associated business scenario.

This phase also begins to address specifics of the UI/UX through interaction diagrams and high-level screen flows. As scenarios emerge and the functionality for use-cases becomes clear, our storyboard producers assemble wireframes and mockup screens into a functional prototype that can be deployed immediately on any number of mobile devices.

3. Planning & Budgeting

Based on the scope identified in the previous step, we outline a detailed approach and a plan for implementation. This plan outlines the cost, resources, and provides a high-level breakdown of the app development process.

The result is a well-defined plan that combines business need with a comprehensive implementation approach, ensuring expected results are achieved, and allowing issues to be spotted early-on, before the client becomes more deeply invested.

Not one size fits all!

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises.
We take into account our client’s unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate each specific engagement.

Trusted by Companies Like Yours:

"Anexinet is an app dream team. Their Mobile App Roadmap kept us focused and helped to deliver an inspired mobile solution that has changed the attitude and selling power of our entire sales team.”

Subodh Mishra, Divisional VP, Family Dollar