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Gain Control of Mobile Efforts with a Mobile Center of Excellence

Establishing a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) helps your organization avoid fragmented projects and rogue apps.


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What we do

In this Kickstart, we’ll identify the charter, scope, reach and structure of your organization’s MCOE. This includes the development of standards and governance along with a framework for organizing, managing and championing your mobile solutions.

Alternately, we will evaluate your company’s existing MCOE and provide an optimization-roadmap to ensure your center is running efficiently and in-keeping with current best-practices.

Connect people, processes and technology for strategic success.

Tame the mobile Wild West. Quickstart your Kickstart.


mcoe-icon-1 Direction Setting and Scope Definition

A Center of Excellence is more than just the standardization of processes and tools—it’s a centralized body that ensures all mobile initiatives are in-keeping with the business’s larger objectives. In this first step, the team gains an understanding for your organization’s goals and defines the MCOE scope most appropriate for your company.


group-13@2x-2 Current State Maturity Assessment

Centers of Excellence are not “ivory towers” but hard-working teams coordinating efforts to bring about change. However, many COEs eventually fail due to unrealistic expectations. Our approach ensures MCOE success by first gauging the maturity of supporting processes and prioritizing initiatives accordingly. Such supporting processes include strategy definition, information management, IT delivery & support, policy definition, project governance, UX standards, app architecture, development and MDM platform and SDLC processes.


group-24@2x Center of Excellence Vision, Objectives and Structure

Based on our scope and maturity estimations, the team then defines the organization’s mission and vision for the MCOE. Here the team catalogs short and long term goals and objectives, identifies critical success factors and determines the optimal structure necessary to make the client’s vision a reality.


chart-icon Define MCOE Requirements Roadmap

After determining the desired state of your fully-realized MCOE, the next step is to understand the best way to get there. Our Tactical COE Roadmap organizes the people, processes and technology required for a successful COE by priority and project-phase.

new-icon-chart Design Plan and Next Steps

The Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart concludes with the generation of materials to support the COE launch. The team develops a timeline timeline, assigns resources to the requirements roadmap, identifies quick wins and dependencies, and provides an overall plan for design, pilot and COE launch. Finally, the team delivers these materials plus costs for next steps in an Executive Readout.

By the end of the Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart your team will be armed with a robust plan to build a world-class Mobile COE.

approach Planning & Budgeting

Based on the scope of work identified in previous steps, here we outline the detailed approach and the plan for implementation. This plan outlines the cost estimates, timelines and high-level work breakdown required to build the Mobile COE.

quotes-square   We are experiencing rapid-growth, tracking to open 500 new stores in 2013. We believe leveraging technology to help in this expansion process could deliver significant cost savings. …Anexinet helped us create a comprehensive mobile strategy. They helped us to identify and leverage the huge opportunities mobile presents our business.”


Bill Lord, DVP IT, Architecture & Engineering, Family Dollar

Not one size fits all!

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises.
We take into account our client’s unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate
each specific engagement.

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