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Machine Learning Strategy 

Machine Learning maximizes your organization’s potential through faster and smarter decision making. Our Kickstart takes you from ideation to action-plan in just two weeks, fleshing-out and prioritizing opportunities for ML based on revenue generation, profitability and productivity. Additionally, we assess your IT Team’s readiness to integrate ML into your technology and business strategies.


Recent advances in GPU/TPU technology, and the development of new platforms and frameworks have enabled an explosion in machine learning. While platforms from Amazon, Microsoft and others put pre-built frameworks in the grasp of developers.

The number one thing that keeps enterprises from moving forward? The lack of an overarching strategy and the inability to identify and prioritize the appropriate business cases.

Our Machine Learning Strategy Kickstart helps remove these roadblocks in just two weeks.




Ensure your organization is armed with a cohesive strategy for introducing Machine Learning into the enterprise in just two weeks.

Smarter decision-making starts here.

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Asset 1@2x(1)

feel AI is critical to obtain or sustain competitive advantage

Asset 3@2x(1)

believe ML provides an opportunity to enter new businesses


Asset 3@2x(1)

think AI will be the basis for new entrants into their industry

Asset 4@2x

expect their competition to leverage AI



Ideation & Concept Generation

Facilitated sessions identify and prioritize opportunities for ML and score them in a Scenario Matrix based on their alignment with business drivers, organizational readiness, and ease of implementation.

Direction Setting

We establish our approach and goals, align expectations with business value and drivers, and define the metrics for success.

IT Readiness Assessment

Our ML Report Card evaluates your IT team’s current capabilities and its ability to successfully execute on a machine learning strategy.

Roadmap & Recommendations

Lastly, our ML Readiness Roadmap fills any gaps, and phases and prioritizes IT projects and tactics based on their alignment to business needs, IT readiness, and cost, ensuring the end result is realistic and obtainable.

What You'll Get:

Asset 7@2x

Direction Setting

- Business Context Document

Asset 9@2x

ML Readiness Assessessment

- ML Report Card

Asset 11@2x

Ideation & Concept Generation

- Scenario MAtrix / Business Value Ranking

Asset 8@2x

Prioritized &
Phased Roadmap


ML Project Portfolio

- Scenario Matrix / Prioritization

Asset 12@2x

Executive Readout

- Recomendations & Resources Needs

- Planning, Timeline and Next Steps

Ready to empower your organization to make faster and smarter decisions through machine learning

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