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Identity & Access Management (IAM) Modernization Assessment

Gain strategic direction and learn the necessary steps to strengthen, mature and modernize your Identity Management Program.

Forrester estimates 80% of security breaches result in the theft of privileged user credentials. Therefore, modernizing your Identity and Privileged Access (IPA) Management Program should be a top priority. But oftentimes, organizations pursue a disjointed, multi-year approach—across multiple departments—that ultimately yields inadequate results, misaligned with business goals.

Anexinet's IAM Modernization Assessment guides your strategic direction, enabling your IAM Program to support technical, business, and process goals while accommodating future initiatives and providing a plan and business justification to transform and modernize your IAM Program. We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your IAM goals, policies, and processes, including Program Governance, Identity Repositories, Role-Based Access Control/Authorization, Audit/Accounting, Federation/SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication, Remote Access, Cloud/SaaS IM, User (De-)Provisioning, Privileged Account Management, and Self-Service—and plan remediation to alleviate any critical concerns.

Our IAM Assessment Provides:


Policy, process, and technology maturity benchmarks


Alignment with compliance requirements, business goals and best practices


Evaluation of IAM operations, architecture & tools


Alignment of technology strategy with business goals


Insight into areas of misalignment (due to evolution, M&A, shadow IT, etc.)


Preparation for secure Hybrid IT adoption

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Our Process

Our proven approach assesses the maturity of your IAM Program, typically over a 2-week period:


Current State Analysis

We begin our IAM assessment by gathering documentation, reviewing the assessment scope, identifying key Business and Technical stakeholders, and analyzing your major pain points and opportunities. This enables us to understand how your primary systems are organized and determine your requirements for success.


Technology Review

Next, we conduct onsite Business, Technology and Process Assessment Workshops, interview stakeholders, and review existing technologies, business processes, and documentation. This enables us to fully understand your current and future IAM needs, including processes and dependencies, compliance requirements, pain points and opportunities. Additionally, we assess how the IAM program must support your technical and business goals while accommodating future initiatives and growth.


Roadmap & Recommendations

Here, we review our findings, discuss any issues and immediate concerns, including technology and process gaps. Finally, we devise a roadmap to transform and modernize your IAM Program.

What you'll get:

Here, we review our findings, discuss any issues and immediate concerns, including technology and process gaps. Finally, we devise a roadmap to transform and modernize your IAM Program.


IAM Assessment Report

  • Current State Maturity Analysis
  • Business & Technology Needs
  • Potential Issues & Critical Concerns

Next-Step Recommendations

  • IAM Program Modernization Roadmap
  • Strategy to Meet Business Goals & Compliance Requirements
  • IAM Best Practices Plan & Design

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Assessment Report


IAM Maturity Level


High-level Project Plan


Modernization Roadmap

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