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HPE Synergy Test Drive Composability Workshop

Provision your infrastructure using a single line of code!

Wednesday, April 11th - 8:30am - 4:00pm


This one-day workshop will consist of 30% lectures and 70% hands-on lab exercises.

Equip yourself with core capabilities to manage, configure, and provision HPE Synergy.  Walk away with a high-level understanding of the associated managed equipment:  Rack, HPE Synergy Frame, Network Fabric, Compute, Storage modules.  Participants will use HPE Synergy Composer featuring HPE OneView to provision and manage the HPE Synergy environment.  HPE OneView PowerShell scripts willbe used during each of the lab exercises.

Course Content:

  • Welcome & Test Drive Composability presented by Joe Vidal, Hybrid-IT Chief Technologist at HPE
  • HPE Synergy Overview
  • HPE Synergy Hardware Setup
  • Connectivity Management
  • HPE Synergy Image Streamer
  • Server Provisioning
  • Course Conclusion

Lab Content:

  • Lab 1 - HPE Synergy Installer Hardware Setup
  • Lab 2 - HPE Synergy Environment Overview
  • Lab 3 - Configuring the Synergy Connectivity
  • Lab 4 - Configuring Storage
  • Lab 5 - Creating Server Profiles
  • Lab 6 - HPE OneView Composability


Anexinet Headquarters
400 Sentry Parkway - Suite 300
Blue Bell, PA  19422

Seating is limited - 12 seats available (workshop valued at $800 per person).

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