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Anexinet and Lopez Research advise the world’s best brands on the use of mobile for their employees, partners and customers.

No hidden agenda. No vendor bias. No mobile hype.


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Everyone deserves a great digital experience. Anexinet is a leading technology consultancy and reseller, helping clients provide a Complete Digital Experience for end users. Anexinet's holistic approach ensures end-to-end coverage for customers—from engaging front-end interactions to dependable back-end solutions, all informed by data-driven insights.

Because truly great digital experiences rely on the smooth operation of all interconnected elements: beautiful front-end applications, modern distributed architecture, private/public cloud, Dev/Ops and Agile/SAFE processes, and AI-driven analytics. Some companies focus on application design. Others handle your infrastructure. And then there’s Anexinet.


Lopez Research, founded in 2008, is a market research and strategy consulting firm that analyzes how business leaders are using mobile to transform their companies. Our mission is to understand the evolution of mobility, provide thought leadership, and assist enterprises in building winning market strategies. Our insights into the enterprise market are gained through direct industry involvement and client interaction.

We combine survey-based research and predictive analysis to gain insight into coming trends. With a background in emerging business and technology trends, voice and data networking technologies, and vendor and service provider selection, Lopez Research provides clients and readers with the bridge between business leadership and technology.

Visit us at www.lopezresearch.com