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Kickstart Your Enterprise Mobile Roadmap

The Enterprise Mobile Roadmap Kickstart takes you from ideation to action-plan in as little as one week.

Let Anexinet guide you in your quest to develop a successful mobile app strategy for your enterprise.

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What we do

In just a couple weeks, our strategists will help identify and prioritize your best mobile app ideas—based on employee demand, technology constraints and projected ROI—to separate real business and customer value from hype and minutia.

You’ll take away a realistic, tactical Mobile App Roadmap and timeline that’s fine-tuned for business benefit and end-user adoption.

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Our Approach


1. Innovation Strategy

We establish a solid foundation by confirming our approach and goals, aligning expectations with business value and drivers, and defining the metrics for success.


2. Ideation

Brainstorming app ideas through process visualization, storytelling and role-play brings to light innovations beyond simple extensions of existing desktop applications.

Exploring use-cases that support key drivers and leverage mobile capabilities helps us create truly unique user experiences.

3. Concept Generation

Our best collaborative ideas are further refined through visual mockups and storyboards.


4. Convergence

We prioritize scenarios and app concepts based on projected ROI and technology constraints to separate real business and customer value from minutia.


5. Roadmap and Planning

You’ll take away a realistic, tactical roadmap and timeline that provides business and IT with an action plan to make possible the realization of your mobile app strategy.

Not one size fits all!

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises.

We take into account our client’s unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate

each specific engagement.

Trusted by Companies Like Yours:


“You have truly improved the quality of life for our Field Leadership team.

You have provided them with a tool that makes their job easier, improves communication, and lays the foundation to advance our team significantly farther and faster than ever before in our history.”

— Josh Jewett, CIO, Family Dollar