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Disaster Recovery Strategy Kickstart

Upgrade your existing plan to eliminate vulnerabilities by adopting the latest, most foolproof, industry standard practices and procedures.

All in just three short weeks.

Are you aware of the true dangers of data loss?

A disaster may strike at any time and damage your company’s reputation—or worse. And without a solid,
up-to-date plan in place, your business may never recover.

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Downtime is Costly

Every hour of lost access to data and critical systems is costly and detrimental. Studies have shown that as few as eight hours of downtime can cost your business upwards of $500k. The cost of this kickstart is a drop in the bucket. Consider it an investment that will save you tenfold when disaster strikes.

Data Loss is Deadly

According to one study, 93% of companies that lost their data center for ten or more days due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year. And 60% of companies that lost their data shut down within six months.

Modernize your Disaster Recovery Plan now to ensure your
organization can rapidly recover following a disaster
Mitigate Downtime Risk

81% of companies run just one DR drill a year (or fewer). Lack of testing and outdated test plans make Recovery Time and Point Objectives (RTO & RPO) a big challenge.

Keep your plan updated with your environment and frequently test to stay safe.

Align Your People and Processes

60% of organizations fail to meet their RTO and RPOs. If your people can’t execute and your processes aren’t clear, even the latest DR technology won’t help you.

Train and fully prepare your team with our proven, well-defined practices.

Minimize Human Error

Human error is the biggest reason Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives aren’t met. In a stressful disaster, manual plans only increase the likelihood of mistakes.

Minimize the risk of human error through automation.


Our Process

In just three short weeks, our Disaster Recovery Strategy Kickstart takes a deep dive into your
organizations' Disaster Recovery plan and provides a strategy that enables you to streamline, automate,
and prepare your team so they’re ready when the next disaster strikes.



What You'll Get:

Our proven four-step approach yields a successful migration, typically over a two-week period:


1. Risk Assessment

Review your current landscape to identify any risk exposures that leave you vulnerable in a disaster.

2. Enterprise-Grade Maturity Analysis & Report Card

Our holistic evaluation assesses the maturity of your existing disaster recovery plan. Equip yourself with a DR report card to better understand the gaps (among nine key industry-standard categories) that can leave you defenseless. Walk away with a comprehensive recommendation list that details exactly what’s needed to strengthen your plan across the board.

3. DR Roadmap

Your DR Report Card informs our Prioritization Roadmap that lays out all the near-term and long-term tasks necessary to fortify your disaster recovery plan in each key area.

4. Fully Developed DR plan for your Business-Critical Applications

Design breakout sessions, define your desired future state, establish disaster scenarios, develop requirements, run book process, and create DR plan documentation.

5. Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises, including Mock DR and application-recovery drills, ensure your team is fully familiarized with the best course of action to take in a disaster. Identifies gaps in your existing Disaster Recovery plan and provides updates as needed to ensure success in a real-life scenario.

6. Recommendations and Next Steps

At the conclusion of the three-week kickstart, you’ll hit the ground running with an executive readout that includes a project timeline and next steps to identify and prepare your team for the ideal course of action at each phase.

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