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Cloud Insights

The cloud is a great way to reduce costs, streamline operations, and boost revenue.
But for IT and financial departments, it’s still a major hassle. The problem is tracking your cloud services to determine if resources are being used efficiently.

Anexinet’s Cloud Insights ensures you’re getting the most—while paying the least—for your public cloud.

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What We Do:

Optimize your Cloud Performance 
and Reduce Costs Up to 23% with Personalized Insights and Recommendations.

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Optimize cloud performance, reduce costs up to 23%, and gain invaluable peace of mind.
Our analysts provide transparency into your Public Cloud billing to optimize costs, improve governance, and enhance security—everything from basic governance and reporting to turnkey management with PCI/DSS or HIPAA security monitoring.

We combine deep cloud management experience with industry-leading products to help your business optimize
its cloud infrastructure and continuously streamline cloud deployments:




Reserved Instance Analysis and Resource

Rightsizing let you hold specific departments/

lines of business accountable for cloud usage.




Customized proactive policies continuously

Monitor your cloud infrastructure for

Vulnerabilities and alert you with

Recommendations to rectify any weaknesses.




Cost Allocation Reports delineate every expense

and Policies provide alerts whenever resources

appear that exceed your established budget.



Change Reporting and Utilization Monitoring

provide ongoing visibility into your entire cloud

infrastructure while Automation Scheduling

streamlines internal processes.

After gaining visibility into their public cloud spend, one leading manufacturer
reduced project costs 38%!

How It Works

During the initial consultation, an Anexinet cloud analyst is assigned to your account. A one-time configuration fee includes setting up access, establishing your governance policies, and creating perspectives for accurate reporting based on your business needs.

Receive weekly and monthly insight reports on compliance, governance, and cost breakdowns, so you have full visibility of your cloud resources.

Discuss findings and receive expert advisement from your Cloud Analyst monthly, so you can optimize cost, improve governance, and enhance security. Monthly service fees are based on your monthly cloud expenditures.


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