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Cloud Analytics

Get your Analytics ready for the Cloud
in just two weeks.

Companies of all sizes are adopting Cloud Analytics for its flexibility, scalability, reduced maintenance, faster deployments, enhanced security, and lower cost. Further, as more data finds its way to the cloud, related services and applications will follow suit. Our Cloud Analytics Kickstart helps you cut through the complexity and secure the ideal tools to elevate your analytics to the Cloud. All in two short weeks.



Our 2-week Kickstart will help your organization: 

landing_cloud_Analytics-03Navigate the complex Cloud landscape

landing_cloud_Analytics-04Identify your ideal Cloud platforms and tools

landing_cloud_Analytics-05Fully prepare your analytics for migration to the Cloud

landing_cloud_Analytics-06Gain the skillsets to manage your Cloud Analytics

landing_cloud_Analytics-07Secure and govern your Cloud data

landing_cloud_Analytics-08Seamlessly retire any legacy analytics


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Our Process

Our strategic approach begins with an assessment of your company’s existing systems, data, KPIs, data governance, and aligns them with your goals, business drivers, and use cases. ideation sessions with key stakeholders identify hotspots of maximum impact, including Customer/Operational Analytics, Financial Planning, Sales & Marketing, Compliance, and Automation. We rank these by organizational & technical readiness, data availability, competencies and skills, and metrics and KPIs. Finally, the Kickstart leaves you with a visualization prototype plus a phased roadmap and recommendations for elevating your data to the cloud.

Our process features an on-site workshop designed to elicit feedback from key stakeholders, ensure buy-in from across the company, and generate excitement and engagement from all participants.

The Cloud Analytics Kickstart follows four key steps, typically over a two-week period:



Maturity Assessment

The initial Kickstart steps evaluate your company’s current state. Using our Cloud Analytics Framework, we evaluate your landscape of Data, KPIs, Owners/Stakeholders and System of Records. Next, we gauge your technical maturity across architectures in terms of Data Access, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) for systems of record, data storage, security, data governance and MDM, natural language processing and machine learning, and analytical visualization.


Needs Analysis

In the third and fourth steps, we prioritize your business needs by ranking Business Impact, Technical and Organizational Readiness, and Ease of Implementation. Next, we define your Cloud Analytics “Hot Spots” across potential use cases, including Customer/Operational Analytics, Financial Planning, Sales & Marketing, Compliance and Automation.


Visualization Prototype & Roadmap

In the final Kickstart steps, we prototype sample visualizations to bring to light the six Cloud Analytics Framework blocks.


Lastly, our Cloud Analytics Roadmap references Data Governance, Data Storage, ETL to Source Systems, Visualization, and CX Measurement Tools to provide guidance in terms of the people, process, technology, data architecture, and tools you’ll need to begin migrating your analytics to the Cloud. Each Roadmap item is flagged and categorized as “Required,” “Short/Mid/Long-Term” or “Future.”

What you’ll get:

Upon completion of this Kickstart you’ll take away the following artifacts:


Business Priority & Maturity

Big Block Targets Cloud Analytics Heatmap



Sample Visualizations Cloud Analytics Roadmap


Executive Readout

Recommendations Document Timing & Next Steps