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Application Refresh

Are you suddenly seeing frustrated users or bad reviews? Are OS updates hurting your app's performance? Then it's time to refresh those applications to provide a transformative experience that leverages the latest technologies. All in just a few weeks

Your engaging, modernized application starts here

Working with our Strategists, UI/UX Designers, and Architects, we’ll assess your existing application's performance, architecture and user experience. Next, we identify and prioritize top functionality use cases and enhancements, and bring them to life in a working prototype. To top it off, we generate a release-management plan to ensure your app keeps delivering great experiences and never gets deleted.

How can you be sure your application is up to par with those of your competitors? Simple. Kickstart it.

Studies of shown nearly one-fourth of users will abandon a mobile app after a single use if it fails to live up to today's standards (e.g. it's hard to use, doesn’t provide expected value, takes forever to load, or crashes).

When was the last time you updated your applications? Are you confident their performance is still up to snuff?

Anexinet’s Application Refresh Kickstart focuses on the crucial elements of user experience design and app architecture to help you:

checkmark  Further streamline internal enterprise processes

checkmark   Prevent crashes/poor performance caused by OS updates

checkmark     Address and eliminate negative app store reviews

checkmark   Strengthen your relationship with customers, employees, partners

checkmark  Leverage the latest features and benefits (e.g. voice, chatbots, ML, etc.)

checkmark Provide info/interaction the moment users need it (i.e. Contextual Intelligence)

checkmark    Dramatically boost user productivity and delight

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Our Process:

Our Application Refresh Kickstart follows four key steps, typically over a three-week period:


Direction Setting

We begin by identifying and defining key business drivers, with a focus on validating current business objectives and understanding the target audience(s) and strategic direction.

Next, we review your current portfolio of supported devices (and/or discuss expansion to additional platforms and devices), user-survey data, and app store feedback. Then we evaluate your existing app roadmap, and perform a competitive analysis.

User Experience Assessment

Here, we assess your application's UI/UX design, usability, features, architecture, and performance to identify ways the user experience may be improved, while also ensuring the architecture can support all current and future app enhancements.

Facilitated ideation sessions performed in this step review the app's current use cases and roadmap. Next, the features and functionality are prioritized and phased to accurately define the requirements for refreshing your application.

Visualization & Prototyping

In the final steps, we refine our prototype, prioritizing the highest-ranked modules—functionality that fosters innovation while maximizing business and customer value—and filtering out any features that lack a high-level of organizational readiness in process, data, and implementation.

Our prototype design and development process is rapid and robust. We work quickly through iterations of design, navigation, and UI/UX (creating user-flow diagrams, wireframes, style-guides, and design comps) before generating a working prototype visualization that brings validity to your app refresh.

Budgeting & Planning

Through facilitated sessions with your business teams, we outline a detailed approach and a plan for implementation based on the identified scope. This plan outlines the cost, resources, and provides a high-level breakdown of the application development process.

The result is a well-defined plan that combines business need with a comprehensive implementation approach, ensures expected results are achieved, and allows issues to be spotted and resolved early-on, before you become more deeply invested.




Business Context

Defines your organization’s digital vision, qualitative and quantitative business drivers, and target users.





Assesses and ranks your app against top competitors, based on key features, capabilities, and feedback. Provides a snapshot of competitors delivering greater value and a more modern experience.




Application Functionality Roadmap

Identifies and prioritizes functional use cases and app enhancements to establish viability based on alignment with business drivers, organizational readiness and ease of implementation.




Architecture, Design & Usability Assessment

Evaluates your application's UI/UX design, usability, features, performance and architecture, and identifies ways the user experience may be improved while ensuring the architecture can support all current and future app enhancements.


Application Prototype

Our UI/UX designers and solution architects transform wireframes and screen mockups into a functional prototype that feels just like the real deal and can be deployed immediately on any number of devices.




Release Management
Plan & Budget

Ensures smooth delivery and a great user experience. The plan includes an approach and budget that breaks down the enhancement-delivery process and provides recommendations for improving architecture, usability and performance.

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