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White paper: 3 Keys to Improving Mobile App Cost Estimation

An accurate mobile app cost estimate facilitates budget approval and give folks the confidence to work with you—rather than around you

In the early days of mobile, it was safe to assume an app would cost about $50,000 to build. But those were mainly simple, content-driven applications. Today’s Enterprise Mobile Apps are more complex. They tie-into big back-end systems and strive for loftier goals, like re-engineering core business processes.

This valuable, info-packed Whitepaper explains the
three key Enterprise Mobile App cost factors:

  • Defining the mobile app
  • Understanding the app development Cost Driver
  • Translating Cost Drivers into Estimates

If you've felt the pain of understanding your app development costs, this guide can help you feel more comfortable with the cost estimation process and what will increase or decrease your investments.

Further, the Whitepaper provides links to our new
Enterprise App Cost Calculator.

Determine the cost to build your next Enterprise Mobile App in seconds!

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